Building of Minuet Application on Android- Part 2

In the previous post I had talked about how cmake can be using for building Qt based android applications.

Now in this article I would like to mention about a problem that I had faced loading the JSON files in the application and how it was solved.

I wanted to access the JSON files to extract the information about the exercises. I tried to access the JSON files by providing the ANDROID absolute path but unfortunately it didn’t work. My mentor gave me a hint on how one could access the files in an alternate way.

We could use QStandardPaths for accessing the JSON files by passing the variable AppDataLocation but for that the files needed to be present in the <APPROOT>

JSON files were present in assets folder. So we added all the required to resources.qrc file and copied all the JSON files from assets folder to the root folder which completely solved the problem and as a result I was able to load all the JSON files successfully πŸ™‚

Now I would like to discuss about the current development stage of Minuet Android application.

We have been able to load the exercises on the screen. Now we would be looking forward to adding sounds so one could guess the answer on hearing the music.

The initial look of Minuet Android


The Chord Exercise


Navigation Drawer


Rhythm Exercise

We are looking forward to improving the UI of the application and add other features to the application. You can download the application from here

Any suggestions regarding the features and design of the application would be most welcomed πŸ™‚ You can contact me on kde-edu(freenode) – ayushshah




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